Missing Updates on 11th Generation Intel Core Processor

Intel has officially launched the 11th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processor on 2nd Sep 2020. The company has positioned this processor to power the ultimate thin and light Laptops with greater CPU performance, discrete-level graphics, and many more great enhancements and innovations. We will start answering your queries one by one from the release date of the Tiger Lake processor and the expected launch date of the Rocket Lake Processor.

11th Generation Intel Core Processors Release Date:

Tiger Lake Processor Launch Date: Tiger Lake is the code name of the 11th Generation Intel Core Mobile Processor, which has been launched on 2nd Sep'2020. Next year you will find many ultraslim and lightweight Laptops in India with this latest Intel processor. Leading Laptop brands in India started launching new Laptops with Tiger Lake processor.

Rocket Lake Processor Launch Date: Rocket Lake is the code name for the Desktop processor. Intel has announced that in the first quarter of 2021 11th Intel Core Desktop processor will be launched in the market. The high-quality content creator and PC gamers are waiting for this launch eagerly.

11th Gen Intel Core Processor

Key Feature of 11th Generation Intel Core Processor

You guys may also want to know that how powerful are 11th Generation Intel Core Processors?, and how the 11th Gen Intel Core Processor is better than 10th Gen and 9th Gen? I have researched this question and found some awesome features and enhancements in 11th Gen Intel Core Processor as below.

1. Intel has designed a 10nm processor with new Super Fintech Technology for powerful ultrathin and lightweight Laptops which will achieve peak frequency with little voltage change. 11th Gen Intel Core CPU has achieved Max single-core Turbo frequency is up to 4.8 GHz Intel that's why Intel CPUs are designed for real-world productivity for all set of customers across Windows & ChromeOS based Laptops.

2. As per Intel 11th Gen Intel Core processor with new Intel Iris Xe Graphics is one of the best processors for thin and light Laptops. Good news for the content creator and gamers as new Intel Processor delivering 2.7x faster content creation( in addition support for 8K HDR display and up to 4 simultaneous 4K HDR display) and more than 2x faster gaming plus streaming  (you will be able to play the popular games at 1080p on Integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics) over competitors, and it also has more than 20% faster office productivity.

3. Integrated for Wi-fi 6(Gig+) which is the latest Wi-Fi technology available for greater connectivity for video conferencing and working on high-level projects on the cloud. Integrated Thunderbolt 4 capabilities will allow single cable fast charging and it will allow up to four ports connectivity.

4. 11th Gen Intel Core processor with new Intel Iris Xe Graphics SoC( System-on-Chip) is expected to deliver more in Ultrathin Laptop series in terms of productivity, Gaming, and High-quality content creation., these systems will be available with optimized CPU, GPU, AI acceleration, USB 4 compliance, software optimization like key feature to improve productivity. This is one of the most ambitions chipsets from Intel.

5. 11th Gen Intel Core processor supports DDR4 and LPPDDR4x which will give extra bandwidth for memory. Memory cache is up to 12MB in Tiger Lake processor, which is similar to 10th Generation Intel Core Processor.

6. Intel also introduced the Intel EVO platform which is basically a set of testing and performance measuring indicators for Laptop designs and devices featuring with Intel EVO badge to be the good performing Laptops. We can expect such laptops available in the market in near future.

If you still have a question in your mind that is the Intel 11th Generation Intel core processor good? then I have an observation that Tiger Lake is better than the previous generation of Intel. we have shown some performance indicators in point number 2. 11th Gen Intel Core Processor has 2x better gaming performance than the previous generation processor. Also, the company has shown confidence that 11th Gen Intel Core Processor is better than the competition in some areas.

Let's forward the discussion as Rocket Lake is not launched in the market and the expected launch is early next year, so will deep dive into the Intel Mobile platform CPUs of 11th Generation processor. I personally recommend to our readers don't go behind the generation only, check the CPU specification in detail, and then make a final choice. The below tablet will certainly help you to understand the true nature of the actual product which is the CPU.

11th Generation Intel Core Mobile Processor( Tiger Lake Processor)

As you can see, in 11th Gen you will get Intel UHD Graphics in Intel Core i3 which is basically made for multitasking Laptops.  The 11th Gen Intel Core processor with integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics will start from Intel Core i5 onward. Max Single Core Turbo frequency is very impressive up to 4.8 GHz. We are showing brief specs of Mobile platform CPUs, if you need to deep dive into specs then visit the Intel website (https://ark.intel.com) for more details and the latest Intel CPU updates.

Intel always very impressive in terms of nomenclature of new technology and innovations, some of you might have queries like what is ThunderBolt4, Intel EVO platform, new Willow Cove architecture, etc in 11th Generation Intel Core Processor, we will explain you in very simple terms and you will also learn in this processor how Intel has improved 11th Generation CPU in comparison to previous one. Let's start one by one.

What is 10nm SuperFin Process technology in 11th Gen Intel Core Processor?

10nm SuperFin Process technology is used by Intel in the latest 11th Generation Mobile Processor( which is also known as Tiger Lake Processor). In very simple words 10nm SuperFin is a combination of the new SuperMIM(metal-insulator-metal) capacitor design and Redefined FinFET, which improves the Fin performance.

What is ThunderBolt4 in 11th Gen Intel Core Processor?

ThunderBolt(Interface) is almost one-decade old technology of Intel, Intel has launched ThunderBolt4 with 11th Gen Intel Core Processor this interface will combined Video and Data in a single cable. So the latest technology will be able to transfer data, outputting a video signal(display) and even it can provide power.

What is the new Willow Cove architecture?

This is the way Intel gives a classy name to their micro-CPU architecture. As you guys may know that the previous architecture was Sunny Cove and Willow Cove a 10nm x86 microarchitecture design is the successor of it. Which comes in 11th Gen Intel Core CPUs, it will be able to achieve peak frequency with little voltage change.

What is the Intel EVO Platform?

Intel EVO platform a set of testing and performance measuring indicators for Laptop designs. The key Target behind this testing is to test laptop in real-world conditions for consistent performance and battery life together. A laptop design that meets the Intel EVO platform KEI targets will verify to use the Intel Evo badge. 

Some KEI Targets are:

1. Consistent responsiveness on battery

2. System wake from sleep in less than 1 second

3.Nine or more hours of real-world battery life on systems with FHD displays

4.Fast charging with up to a four-hour charge in under 30 minutes on systems with FHD displays

What is Intel Optane H10 with Solid State Storage?

Intel Optane H10 with Solid State Storage is capable of speeding up your most frequent tasks and it offers the users low latency and high performance. You can read a detailed and informative tech article from the Intel Offical Website. Click Here

Last month I have written an article on 10th Gen Intel Core Processor Vs 9th Gen Intel Core Processor, after that our readers asked some interesting questions. Here I am trying to answers most of the related questions to Intel 11th Gen Core Processor and Intel Core Processors. 

Should we wait for Laptops with Intel 11th Gen CPU?

I would suggest that if you are a student or a professional who has to work on Intenet and similar multitasking around business software then you may not wait for the latest processor. A laptop with the latest processor always costs high.

When can I buy Laptop with Intel 11th Gen?

You can buy Laptops with 11th Gen Intel Processor now from Online and Offline channels. If I talk more about the Indian market, I have seen some Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo & Asus Laptops models with 11th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs. In early 2021 more launch is expected with the latest processor. You can check out Amazon for the latest Laptops with Intel 11th Gen Processor. For PC Rocket lake processor will release in Q1'21, so you can expect a new product in the second half of 2021.

Which company's processors are better: AMD or Intel?

This is one of the most asked questions by readers, here we are talking about and 11th Gen Intel Core Processor vs AMD Processor. I am sharing the Industry benchmark link of the Intel website, they tested 5 key usages ( Productivity, Gaming, Creation, Collaboration, and Entertainment) with competition and you find a detail how Intel has claimed that they are better in some key areas.

Yet we need to collect a lot more information about the 11th Generation Intel Core Processor. Drop your messages in the comment box what else you want to know about the 11th Generation Intel Processor.

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