Laptop Accessory Series – USB Flash Drive

Important Laptop Accessory Guide – 1

Laptop Accessory guide is a knowledge series, in which we are starting to share information about important accessory for your laptop. We will provide complete details of top brands in India, variant information, and best buy prices.
So guys I know, we purchase multiple accessories with a laptop and these all are an essential requirement for your device, like portable USB Flash Drive, Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse, Headsets, Laptop bag, etc. we are starting this knowledge series with Portable USB Flash Drive, very small but much-needed accessory. Let’s start in detail.
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Portable USB Flash Drive – Much needed Laptop Accessory

It hardly matters what are you doing or where are you going, this tiny Pen drive will move all the way with you. In today’s Indian market you could find an amazing range of USB flash drive, you just need to identify your specific need. While you are attending a business meeting or roaming around your friends or working on a project, you may feel that you need a data carrier for keeping your presentation, images, movie, project file, etc.
There is another big use case of USB Flash drive, which we called an encrypted USB drive, which basically used for securing data like a digital signature or confidential data. The encrypted drive is not used by retail customers, so we will discuss here only about retail USB Flash Drive. 

How to Choose a Best Pen Drive:  

The first and foremost thing is the USB type, the performance of USB type 3.0 is far better than USB type 2.0, it will give you high data transfer speed in comparison to USB 2.0. Second, you can check data transfer speed in Mb/s, it will suggest to you what maximum data transfer speed that USB flash drive has. For example 360Mb/s is better than 245Mb/s.

List of Top Brands in India: 

1. SanDisk, 2.Sony, 3. Kingston, 4. HP, 5.Samsung, 6. Transcend, & 7.Toshiba 8. Lexar etc. The list does not complete here, in the market you will find local and imported small brands also, but we have picked only top brands for you because you deserve the best. 

USB Flash Drive Storage Capacity: 

a. 2 GB b. 4 GB c. 8 GB d. 16 GB e. 32 GB f. 64 GB g. 128 GB h. 520GB & more.

USB Flash Drive Price Band: 

So guys good quality USB flash drive always costs you higher than other competitors, but I will suggest you that buy a Branded USB 3.0 pen drive, which should have high data transfer speed. The starting price of such pen drives is INR 400 and above depending upon the storage capacity. In India, you will get multiple options on mega online players like Amazon India and Flipkart. 
We are looking forward to your comments and your suggestion for the next article. We are not promoting to any Brand via this review, but recommend to our readers to invest a slightly higher amount but buy a high-speed USB Flash Drive.

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