4 Essential Software for Laptop! Available Free/Paid

Every laptop required some software before you start working on it, it also depends on what configuration you have bought from the market. We are here with a list of some essential software, which is the soul of every laptop. 
We generally recommend to our readers, if you are buying a laptop that required Windows OS then you should go for a laptop, which should have Windows and MS office preloaded. It gives you the freedom to use this Software on your laptop with a license. But there are many buyers who purchase basic laptops from the market and then they start the customization of it according to their requirement. If you are going to buy Macbook then most of the software will be preloaded and professionals buy customized software as per their work profile, it could be video editing software, web designing, and other engineering software. 

So let’s start with a list of this most required software.

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When you are buying a laptop worth 30K+, then we will suggest that you should buy paid antivirus for PC and Laptops.  You can check the data of virus attack worldwide and you will actually understand why this is so important to have high-level security on your laptop. You are using almost all your passwords on your personal device and it should be protected from all external attacks.
There are also some free versions are available, you can go for them only and only if you are a college student and working on only basic projects on your PC. Below is the list of top-class anti-virus for your laptop. You can choose the basic or high-class plan as per your security needs. Any good anti-virus will start from INR 600 + and the upper slab depends on which product you are buying. 
1. Bitdefender Antivirus
2. Norton Antivirus
3. ESET NOD32 Antivirus
4. Kaspersky Antivirus
5.Trend Micro Antivirus
6. Avast Free Antivirus

Web Browser 

We all know that web browser is free software and MacBook comes with Safari and Windows-based laptop comes with Internet explorer. But sometimes you may feel that these two browsers are not good enough for your speed need or requirement. My friend, you have more choices like Firefox and Google Chrome.  Sometimes it happens that web developers developed a website, which is compatible with one browser but not with others. In such cases, you must have a combination of at least 2 browsers on your laptop.
All options are good; you can choose any two of them. Google Chrome has better compatibility with other Google products, so it is accepted by users largely. All this software you can download from the official website of the company.

MS Office

Microsoft Office software package is a part of our day to day working life, MS Office, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint used by millions of users every day. As I suggested in starting, I always prefer this software preloaded with my laptop, if it is not then you can buy online from the official website of Microsoft, but if you are thinking of using a crack version then it is your own risk.
MS Office package is not limited to above mentioned three software. You will get a complete package, which includes Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, and Word.

PDF Reader & Media Player: 

This software normally comes with every Laptop, but you can get the latest update from the Adobe website in any case required or if you do not have a PDF reader then you can download from there. 
Every OS comes with one in-build Media player, but if you feel that it is not supporting some of the audio/video files then I would suggest you VLC media player. It is a largely used media player in India and it is free. 
We have started software review series with this basic article on the essential requirements, soon we will come with a detailed review of very specific laptop software in which you will get the comparison, best buy of that software, and available product in competition. Please share your comments, if you want our review on a specific product or software.

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