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New Launched Apple MacBook Air Review

In new Launch laptop reviews, today we have picked Apple MacBook Air, Apple has a strong product line for Pro users and has a unique proposition for any technology freak buyer.
In our other article, we have discussed ed current portfolio of this Brand. Here we will review MacBook Air in detail. MacBook Air expresses itself as a device for speed lovers, video editors, gamers, designers, and all.  Apple launched this customer-centric second generation of MacBook Air and they have tried hard to reach out as close as possible to the pocket of their loyal and new customers.
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Higher-resolution Retina display with significantly smaller bezels, an upgraded keyboard, a larger Force Touch trackpad all these small innovations show the customer-centric approach of the company, they have made it best by option among the Apple portfolio.
I have one concern with this laptop, which is the limited internal memory. One hand SSD will power you for great speed but 128GB/256GB internal storage will make you think about your storage requirement or you may need to carry an external storage option with you.
This lightweight and compact slim design give the freedom to carrying it with you all the places if you are a professional. T2 process gives you a better experience in terms of AI(Hey Siri), touch bar, and touch ID. To make this article short and readable for you have listed key features here. MacBook Air has two variants with Retina display or without to make it economical price-wise.
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1. 13-Inch Retina Display - MRP: INR 1,14,900/INR 1,34,900

Key Features : Size -  13.3 Inch Retina Display| Resolution - 2560x1600| RAM – 8GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3  | ROM – 128GB/256GB PCIe-based SSD | Operating System – macOS | Processor – Intel Core i5| Speed – 1.6GHz Dual core| Graphics Coprocessor - Intel UHD Graphics 617| Weight -  1.25 Kg| Battery Life -  Built-in 50.3 WH lithium-polymer battery| Accessory – Battery & Adopter | Speaker – Stereo speakers| Charger - USB C-Type Charger

2. 13-Inch Display - MRP: INR 84,900

Key Features : Size -  13.3 Inch| RAM – 8GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3  | ROM – 128GB PCIe-based SSD | Operating System – macOS | Processor – Intel Core i5| Speed – 1.8GHz Dual core| Graphics Coprocessor - Intel HD Graphics 6000| Weight -  1.35 Kg| Battery Life -  Built-in 54 WH lithium-polymer battery| Accessory – Battery & Adopter | Speaker – Stereo speakers| USB Port – 2 USB 3 port

So overall this is an over good product only catch is the internal storage, so please check your requirement, if you need to work on high definition videos or other high space consuming things then you, either can choose higher memory or you can move to MacBook Pro. For beginners it is a good choice like story writer, web designer etch. Again, guys as I always told you, we are not promoting this product, please check your requirement and budget, no doubt product is good. 

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